The Advantages of a Royal Mail style Postbox

As you’ll know, planning a wedding is never a simple task. There are so many things to think about and once you start thinking about one item on your list, you realise how many others there are that you hadn’t even thought about! Everyone wants a special wedding, and it is often the small details that really make a big difference. Some of the ‘little’ things include wedding favours, chair covers, cake decorations and of course wedding postboxes.

Having a post box for your wedding is a great way to add another unique touch to your special day. An iconic symbol of British’ness, everyone knows and loves the good-old cast iron Royal Mail postboxes. Our glass fibre alternatives are perfect, as they are lightweight (yet very sturdy), lockable, and replicate every detail of the heavier alternatives that adorn our nation’s streets. The traditionalist would of course have to opt for a Royal Mail red post box, however if you would like to match the theme of your wedding then we have two other popular colours to choose from. Some people may prefer the more subtle white or ivory postbox colour if they want to co-ordinate everything. Whatever your choice we can hire you these at a great price that includes delivery and collection from your venue.

So as the title of this post suggests, why would you want to hire a Royal Mail style post box for your wedding? There are lots of different styles of post box that you can hire, some are made out of cardboard, some are wooden, some can even be DIY’d if you have someone with a handy streak in your family. Many of these do look really nice, we aren’t disputing that, however nothing is anywhere near as iconic as a red Royal Mail box. Additionally our postboxes have sturdy locks that enable you to keep your wedding cards safe and secure. Although you wouldn’t want to think anyone would be that underhand at a wedding, believe it or not we have heard reports of some despicable individuals who help themselves to money-laden wedding cards. Being able to keep your cards locked away in style is another benefit of our lockable postboxes  - so they look great as well as being functional.

Royal Mail style Wedding Post BoxDue to the fact that we can hire the post box for your wedding day, this provides a hassle-free service that means one less thing for you to organise. All you need to do is book the date with us, and we will deliver the beautiful boxes direct to your event (or any location in the UK you wish), and even arrange the collection free of charge once your event has taken place. As a little momento of your special day you are welcome to keep the personalised inset that we include in all our postboxes.

We hope you love the idea of having a Royal Mail style post box at your wedding, and if you would like to find out more then why not have a look at what we have to offer, or get in touch to ask any questions.