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Ivory_Postbox_TnHire including courier delivery and collection just £95

We have three main colours of post box that can be hired – these are traditional Royal Mail red and the popular wedding colours of ivory and white. We have found that these are the most common colours we are asked to supply. We have a stock of master-craftsmen created ‘King George’ style boxes, and so you are unlikely to have a problem in terms of availability, although dates do get booked up in advance so we allow customers to book up to one year in advance of their special day. As mentioned previously, our products make a beautiful addition to any special event such as birthday parties, Christenings or business events, in addition to weddings.

Prestige Wedding Post Boxes

Our post boxes are exact replicas of the cast iron originals however they have many advantages over the originals. Firstly they are a lot lighter, meaning that we don’t have to charge you as much for postage and collection. Secondly, a real cast iron one is a bit of a health and safety liability – they weigh a ton, and if one fell off a table at a wedding reception it would do some damage to anything (or anyone!) around it. Whilst our gorgeous glass fibre postboxes are a lot lighter, they have been meticulously cast from an original, and bear a near-exact resemblance in terms of form and dimpled texture. Most of our customers prefer to display their postboxes on a decorated table at the wedding reception.

The personalised post boxes we supply feature the ‘GR’ Royal Cipher that stands for ‘George Rex’ or ‘George V’. The style of this type was decided upon in 1939 and was in widespread use throughout the country by 1949. Above the letter slot this previously read ‘Letters Only’, however this was changed to ‘Post Office’ for production of the 1940s George V boxes. Your wedding cards will stay safe and secure behind a solid brass lock and key. The dimensions of our exquisite postboxes are as follows: 60cm high x 25cm wide x 33cm deep.