Prestige Postboxes at the Palace of Westminster!

Normally when we take an enquiry it is for a wedding reception in a hotel, fancy restaurant or other traditional wedding reception venue. When we were asked if we could supply a postbox for a wedding at the Palace of Westminster we couldn’t quite believe it (well perhaps we should have, ‘Prestige’ by name, prestige by nature of course!!). This particular ivory postbox was destined for a very posh wedding indeed.

Once we started liaising with our contact at the Houses of Parliament, it became clear that their security requirements were quite onerous to say the least (think GPS vehicle tracking, off-site security centre etc etc..) and so we decided that it had to be hand-delivered by us. Rather than using our regular couriers (which do a great job by the way!), we personally took the postbox on foot through London and delivered it straight to our contact at the Palace.

We were very pleased to hear after the event that the postbox went down really well with the guests, and provided a great focal point. I think we’re going to have to set ourselves a challenge to see how many other palace weddings we can hire our postboxes to!

Houses of Parliament - Palace of Westminster