Some Other Ideas to Make Your Wedding Special

Everybody wants to make their wedding day the most special they possibly can. Nowadays there is so much choice and an almost infinite amount of special things that you can buy, make or hire to add interest and variety to your wedding day. All you need is a little creativity and imagination – or a good wedding planner! Of course you can get a feel for what other people are having for their weddings by buying the various wedding magazines such as You and Your Wedding and others. Having a browse around the wedding websites can also give you some good inspiration, and as with most things these days you can order pretty much anything online. Our wedding post boxes make excellent features that provide a unique touch that both enhances the wedding venue whilst still serving a practical purpose. We will detail below a few different ideas that also make great touches.

Wedding Sweet Shops / Candy Bars

Who doesn’t love tucking into some good old fashioned sweets? From refreshers to jellybeans there are companies out there that can supply you with a wide range of both retro and modern sweets or chocolate that your guests can help themselves to throughout the day or night. What a good idea, I’m sure everyone would benefit from a bit of sugar-induced energy to help keep them going on the dance floor!

Our good friend Dawn Towart has just set up a business (The Candy Bar) that provides a unique twist on the wedding sweet idea. Rather than present the sweets in a traditional ‘cart’ feel, she literally provides a bar-like experience where guests are served sweets in stylish acrylic martini glasses and tumblers. This gives a much more stylish and upmarket feel than simply having a candy cart, and Dawn will be there herself to serve sweets to guests over the ‘bar’. She can be contacted on 07881 098765 if you would like to discuss hiring her candy bar.

DIY Origami Wedding Boquet

DIY Paper Wedding Bouquet

Can you believe this bouquet is completely made out of paper?

Ok so this might not be for everyone, however if you are a creative person that enjoys making things then you could have a look at these special bits of origami. You might not want this for your main wedding bouquet, however they would be great as table centrepieces, and probably a lot more cost effective. Florists can charge an arm and a leg for their exquisite decorations, however this paper bouquet does look pretty spectactular. Basically you create a lot of paper roses that are then painted with watercolours, and then create the stems, leaves and attach them all together into a bouquet. This page has full step by step instructions of everything you need to do. It actually looks quite simple when you take it one step at a time, but has a great end-result. You would expect a DIY flower to be a bit tacky, but these flowers definitely look like something special. Here are the instructions: